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Somewhere in the City

by Jamie Tao 9

Somewhere in the City | Doodlers Anonymous

I am surrounded by some extremely talented people and I'm a lucky girl for it. Alvaro Naddeo is an Art Director originally from São Paulo, Brazil and now lives in New York. Some random facts about him: He is extremely hard working and punctual, he takes the 6 train every day, and his sketchbooks are wonderful - wonderfully simple. He captures his daily experiences in the city with only black ink - buildings, food, receipts - and there you have it.


  1. simple

  2. love love love your work

  3. I really like this work, esp. the featured map/face piece and the "ticket."

  4. very nice I as well like the ticket

  5. the skyline and wood is amazing, i would never have the patience to do that much detail! :)

  6. Thanks Jamie for posting! Thanks doodlers for the comments... Georgina, I hope my boss don't read us, both skyline and wood were done while bored at work : ) Skyline is from the view of an editing room and wood is my desk...

  7. Oooh! I'm telling. :)

  8. i like too~~~

  9. Your line work is so beautiful! props :)

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