Inspiration: Art

Sex, Comedy and Animals

by Jamie Tao 5

Sex, Comedy and Animals | Doodlers Anonymous

I just got inspired by looking at my amazing friends' blog (If you're hungry for inspiration on this lazy sunday, check out Wunderkabinett). Thanks to their blog, I discovered the beautiful art of Kelsey Brookes and am now one of his biggest fans.

Kelsey is a former biochemist who lives by the beach in San Diego. Lucky man. And he attributes his raw art style to an education system that "refuses to teach scientists to draw."

If you like loud, colorful, abstract, and just plain jaw-dropping good art, you've come to the right place. Here it is. The ingenious talent that is Kelsey Brookes.


  1. amazing!

  2. There's a great interview and look at his working process here: I'm lovin the pink and pastels!

  3. wow these are so detailed, although don't look at these pictures if you have a hangover :)

  4. mad skills!

  5. Super fun stuff! Love it!

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