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Time Moves Faster

by Jamie Tao 13

Time Moves Faster | Doodlers Anonymous

I have to apologize for the lack of updates on my part. When they say that NY moves fast, I had no idea they actually meant it. Work has been keeping me extra busy and I have also decided to go back to school at night. My love for DA, however, still runs deep, and to prove it, I have decided to share the pages of my sketchbook. I carry it in my purse at all times and it is slowly falling apart. But I am especially fond of this sketchbook because I have always wanted a red one (it's the little things that count).

The pages inside are a mix of brainstorming session notes, random thoughts, ripped scraps of paper and color. It's a little bit messy. It's a little bit playful. And I like to think that it's a little bit like its maker.


  1. I love the peek into your journal :) Thank you.

  2. love that 'hope it pours' page :)

  3. lovely! especially like the red grid-thingy :) greetings from germany to ny

  4. I love this. Beautiful and personality-packed work.

  5. i feel your pain

  6. Thanks for posting it :)!

  7. Love your journal - thanks for sharing a peek ; ) Quick question - is the color from markers? If not, what do you use? Thanks!

  8. Love your stuff :] What do you use? And where do you find it?

  9. It's everything I love about sketchbooks. Playful, messy, personal and full of energy. I love it!!!

  10. @Alexis - it looks like markers to me :)

  11. @Alexis, they are markers. But usually I'll just grab whatever I have lying around that's colorful. :)

  12. Keep it up! Great stuff!

  13. wow, love the quotes - and the doodles, of course :)

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