Inspiration: Art

You Are What You Draw

by OKAT 5

You Are What You Draw | Doodlers Anonymous

It's not always the case, but in Jana's work I believe it is. Jana Traboulsi is from Beirut and you'll see that in almost everything that she draws.

I fell hard for her blog, where three years of drawn work is archived for you to see and almost everything is covered in her drawings, from daily objects to doodled wishes for peace and understanding.


  1. I love "my ass..," it made me smile. -Felicity

  2. Finally, an Arab POV seen in the universal language of drawing and wonderful drawings they are. Okat, thanks for the post. Ms. Traboulsi... wonderful work! Greyseal

  3. excellent work I enjoyed it alot. i had to go back to relise it was the arab perspective,I guess arabs really like birds. good luck on u getting passport and keep drawing

  4. Beautiful lines.

  5. Man, these are crazy.

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