Inspiration: Art

Character Builder

by Jamie Tao 17

Character Builder | Doodlers Anonymous

This guy comes to us from Cape Town, South Africa. His name is Jordan Metcalf. And just by looking at his work, I can tell he is someone I would like to be friends with. Fun and playful in a sarcastic way, just like the characters he draws.


  1. Loved the last pic. And his monsters are pretty nice! *-*

  2. the last is also my fav. I want to go out to buy new & old frames now.

  3. I agree I love the last one, SO inspired. <3

  4. I love these images, and especially the textures in them! Are these ink and watercolor? I really like how each figure has their own emotion and personality. I am definitely interested in seeing more of Metcalf's work!

  5. Same here Adrian! I want those picture frames for my art :)

  6. I love the style, I wsih I coul do the things that Jordan can.

  7. so nice:)

  8. The monsters in your drawings are great. I really like the direct and distinct lines used to enhance the facial expressions in each drawing.

  9. great i love your style...go pro

  10. Totally diggin' this.

  11. I love this style. I hate to ask a general question in the form of a comment but I can not find the answer anywhere. How in the world do I post art here? Can someone help me?

  12. chris franccz,,,,,,,i wish i knew that answer too ;( someone plz help.

  13. Cool

  14. i need help too please where can i put my art

  15. love these pictures excellent!

  16. I dig your style. Very fun.

  17. fantastic! love the line!

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