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The Making of…

by OKAT 14

The Making of… | Doodlers Anonymous

This is a time-lapse video of Pat Perry creating the above artwork over the course of a few weeks, using acrylic paint, ink, a brush and lots and lots of talent. Visit his site or watch another one of his intricate drawings in time-lapse video.

My favorite part is when he spills the color over the sketch and then begins to fill in the details. Kudos Mr. Perry.


  1. That's really awesome!

  2. i love love looove pat perry!

  3. N I C E! Very inspiring. Now, I really gotta get my hands to draw in a large scale.

  4. Interesting and inspiring. I especially like the paint plash and smear... that took courage.

  5. The use of multiple colors really added to the drawing! Great work!

  6. he is genious.

  7. Mind... blown... :D

  8. thanks to you, i've just recently been doodling (to replace formal artworks while i study). the results...? utter contentment. j'adore tes dessins!

  9. Interesting! It's kinda beautiful artwork :D

  10. I love this! I paint more than I draw, some of the ideas on this site are amazing. I liked the splatter scene the artist used to make this wonderful piece of work. I would hang this proudly in my living room. I'm wondering if a giclee is available for purchase. Signed,

  11. Wonderful work....

  12. Jackson Pollock "with privileges"!!!!!

  13. ditto to the colour spill, that's a great way to approach it.


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