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A Far Away Place

by OKAT 4

A Far Away Place | Doodlers Anonymous

I knew nothing about the Republic of Estonia. In fact, I had to do a little Wikipedia lookup just to get an idea of the region from which Liisa Kruusmägi is from. Liisa lives and works in Tallinn, the capital and largest city of Estonia, on the banks of the Gulf of Finland. A far away place from where I reside, and maybe all the more reason why I enjoyed her sketchbook so much.

Her website seems to just go on forever. You can scroll down past dozens of drawings, illustrations and images of the town and characters that surround her everyday. I don't know Liisa, but I wouldn't hesitate to claim that she is never without a pen in hand.

Lisa Kruusmägi Doodles

Lisa Kruusmägi Doodles

Lisa Kruusmägi Doodles

Lisa Kruusmägi Doodles

Lisa Kruusmägi Doodles


  1. Wow, its so interesting to see the world out of someone else's eyes when their culture is so different to ours.

  2. I loved her website. Nice that you can see her development through the years. Wonderful work!

  3. I love these if you have a bunch of people and one specific location but the different sketches! :)

  4. Scribly and wayward sketches and yet drawings are amazingly discernible. LIKE ITTTTT. Seems like quick but brilliant sketches.

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