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Have We Met?

by OKAT 10

Have We Met? | Doodlers Anonymous

Are you sure? Because after flipping through the last few years of your Moleskine I feel like I now know everything about you.

Loops! is a mommy living in Brussels and she fills her sketchbooks like a diary in living color. You'll see drawn pages of her family's travels, her kid's being sick and the generally overwhelming and loving life of being a parent.

She's captured three full years and it's incredibly inspirational to see her commitment to draw almost every moment out in full color with outstanding typography and doodling skills. Good for you Loops!, keep it going forever.

Loops! Doodles

Loops! Doodles

Loops! Doodles

Loops! Doodles

Loops! Doodles

Loops! Doodles

Loops! Doodles


  1. Such full pages. I'm trying to work towards this.

  2. I like how the drawings seem so animated...but their still kind of detailed. It reminds me of the comic strip Foxtrot.

  3. Her work is great. Thanks for sharing

  4. She draws such sweet things!

  5. This is great, and very honest!

  6. these are so beautiful.. keep it going, Loops. :)

  7. What can I say ? Thank you ! To Okat first, for this "tribute"... and for everybody for your nice comments ! THANK YOU ! And I will draw tonight...with a bigger smile than ever ! :-)

  8. That spaghetti looks awesome.

  9. What do you use to draw with? Your stuff is so fun, I enjoy it :] Moleskin diary?

  10. Honest, spontaneous...and fun!

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