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Showcase #2: Draw Your Line

by OKAT 2

Showcase #2: Draw Your Line | Doodlers Anonymous

We have another challenge for all of you and it comes with an excellent prize from the fine folks at Parka Blogs.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about your favorite book. Good. Now think about your favorite line from that book. Got it? Good. Now draw it for us all to see.

Draw it however you'd like: As drawn letters on a ripped page or as a doodled scene in your Moleskine. We encourage you to have fun and do your thing, just make sure to write out the title of the book and author somewhere in the drawing.

Good luck everyone, you have until next Wednesday at 11am Eastern to upload your submission. Read the complete guidelines and prize details here »


  1. YEAH ! New showcase ! Yeah !

  2. :D LOL.

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