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Member Spotlight: Jim Kaufmann

by OKAT 10

Member Spotlight: Jim Kaufmann | Doodlers Anonymous

I was searching for something different today and I found it in the works of Jim Kaufmann. He's technically a writer, but claims to have found the visual arts again after a long hiatus.

We couldn't agree more. Jim's art is a mash-up of acrylics and intricate pen work, with a touch of cut-and-paste collage. So many attempt this style and fall short. Jim does not. His work looks improvised and accidental but it somehow all falls into place.


  1. LOVE Jim\'s stuff!!!!

  2. I really dig your work. I enjoy the playful nature and find the drawing on found substrates interesting. I have several friends who have been experimenting with using found objects/papers to create work on and I keep finding myself drawn to the idea. Heck I\\\'ve spent most of my life doodling on papers, pants, shoes...anything I can find. Nice work!

  3. I really appreciate the good words. Thank you both.

  4. I think it is a very good art of the human psychology.I relay swingeing on the environment. הסרת שיער

  5. It is amazing. I love the colours in all these artwoks. Excellent.

  6. Cool stuff. I like the whole modern/primitive thing he has going.

  7. I really appreciate the comments all those posting have made. Thank you.

  8. I agree with with the "primitive" comment. They remind me of some native american art I have seen.

  9. i actually just got one of his pieces he's amazing

  10. Love it, reminds me of warhol and Basquiat.

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