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Showcase #1: Napkin Doodle

by OKAT 9

Showcase #1: Napkin Doodle | Doodlers Anonymous

We have good... no, scratch that. We have great news to share with you. It's something we've been working very hard to make happen on our end.

We'd like to introduce you to our new section called "Showcase."

Every couple weeks, we will challenge you to be creative and do what you love to do by doodling for us based on a theme or prompt. And then all you have to do is upload your submission into our "Showcase" section. All of our members will vote on their favorite and at the end of the challenge, the art with the most votes wins a wonderful prize by our sponsor. See more of the details here.

Our first challenge, if you choose to accept, is to doodle on something you're probably very familiar with: THE NAPKIN.

So go ahead, grab a serviette and pen away. And don't forget to upload it here.


  1. Where is a napkin when you need one?

  2. like the showcase to find a napkin.

  3. I can circle the earth in napkins, finally a use for the leftover party papers! What to doodle, what to doodle.... So many choices...

  4. Ooooo, fun!!! Congrats on getting this great idea up and running.

  5. Nice, I was doodling all day today then I saw this. I used a Taco Bell napkin left over from my dinner I had on Wednesday. Fun stuff!

  6. yeeeeeeeeeeehaw!

  7. yes!

  8. i'll find my napkin!!

  9. Yeeeiii! i already made it!!

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