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And The Winners Are...

by OKAT 5

And The Winners Are... | Doodlers Anonymous

We are delighted with the responses to the scribble train giveaway question (who you would most like to sit next to on a train?). They are so good. If you haven't yet, go read them.

Of the 54 names, we randomly pulled two. Congratulations to Cheryl Smith and Julia Smelansky, both of whom are doodle addicts themselves (credit the above images to them). Your books are on the way. To everyone else, cross your fingers there's another print run.


  1. WooHoo! I'm so happy to win a copy of that wonderful Scribble Train book! I've had my fingers crossed all week & it sure was hard to doodle. Congrats Julia! Bet you are just as happy as I am. (Fab drawing, too.) Thanks a bunch, DA!

  2. congrats to you both!

  3. Yay! I am so exited! Cheryl your stuff is really cool too :)

  4. high five, ladies! I'll post your books over this week. I've been keeping two books safe for you -- on the top shelf away from my little brother's sticky fingers.

  5. I received my most wonderful book today! I love it to pieces. Thanks a bunch Lisa & DA.

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