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August's Guest Contributor: Tom Hovey

by Jamie Tao 4

August's Guest Contributor: Tom Hovey | Doodlers Anonymous

My first experience of Tom Hovey was an interesting one, and that is exactly how I would describe his work, too. Our first few conversations included topics like John Prescott as a father figure, locking artists inside a cupboard, and how he thought I was a man. He is a self-proclaimed ink addict and describes his work as "beautifully, ugly people." We are excited to have him as our new guest contributor for the next month.

Help us welcome the often inappropriate and highly talented Tom Hovey. Get to know him better, in his own words.

Hi I'm Tom Hovey aka TwistedLoaf and I'm an Ink Addict. I will be sharing some of my Doodles with you over the next month, so pay attention cause you might learn nothing. Since moving to London I have had to re-size me sketchbook down to an A5 moleskine, just so that I can still draw whilst having my face pushed up against a dirty window. The lengthy daily commute has actually given me 90 minutes a day that I can dedicate to ideas generation which I struggled to do in the past. So I actually love getting on the tube everyday and I'm actually gutted when I have to get off. So here are a few pages I scribbled on the Central Line. -- T x

Get to know more of Tom on his flickr, twitter, and blog.


  1. Welcome Tom. 90 minutes a day in your moleskine must be a beautiful thing!

  2. Mr Hovey's work is really wonderful and so intriguing! i adore his moleskin drawings to pieces! x

  3. Nice drawings.

  4. The first one especially makes me feel like drawing.

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