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GIVEAWAY: The BIG Team Colouring Book!

by Lisa Currie 57

GIVEAWAY: The BIG Team Colouring Book! | Doodlers Anonymous

Remember when I invited you all to jump aboard my scribble train for a BIG doodling collaboration? Well, toot toot... our colouring book has arrived!

It's a whooping 76 pages long and brimming with the wildest, loveliest, strangest passengers you could ever imagine sitting next to on a train. If you missed out on submitting a doodle, no big deal. You can still collaborate with us by splashing the scribble train with a custom paint job!

The first print run has sold out... but of course, I put two books aside for our DA readers! Would you like to nab yourself one?

Just leave a comment telling us who you would most like to sit next to on a train. It can be anyone or anything! Two winners will be announced on the 10th of August. This is our second BIG Team Scribble (we started with a super tall totem pole) facilitated at my blog The Scribble Project. One last thing! I started my own blog this month and it's especially good for sharing new projects that you might like to get busy on. Please do drop by and say hello!

Lisa Currie

We all enjoy a bit of a doodle! That's why we're here. Or maybe you got lost and were searching for a whole other kind of doodle... uh oh. Anyway, hello! My name's Lisa. I'm author of The Scribble Diary, a doodling book to inspire self-reflection. Also my new book is ME, YOU, US to fill out with your friends! Come find me on instagram @scribblediary


  1. I have a copy, and this is one of the best drawn collaborations I've seen executed. Congrats Lisa and good luck to all our readers on trying to win one.

  2. I would like to sit next to Mark Oliver Everett (Eels frontman) on a train. And just listen to the brilliant man talk about whatever. Life. Love. Loss. Thanks!

  3. Oh I would like to sit next to Lisa (yeah, you!) during a long train trip, I am sure it would be a great opportunity to learn a lot of stuff!

  4. Bruce Willis. Because he would save me if the train crashed. "Unbreakable" anyone??

  5. Yeahh I'm on the cover of the book :) Thanks Lisa for the package! I´ll upload some pics to my blog very soon!

  6. I would choose my friend Amy. I InterRailed through Europe last summer with her and the conversation remained fresh, interesting and funny for five weeks. I never knew I could have so much fun sitting on a train until then.

  7. I would like to sit next to your Mum ;P

  8. I'd love to sit next to Kurt Vonnegut, talk about the absurdity of it all and doodle together. :)

  9. I would sit next to anyone, who wants to sit next to me and watch me draw. I love to share my creativty. I have a page in the Big Team Scribble, but missed out on getting my own copy.

  10. I'm in the book and I just forgot to get mine!! Damn! Wish I can have that copy!!

  11. oh i would love to sit next to a giraffe drinking a latte or a sloth who just had a shower. :)

  12. Don Draper.

  13. I would like to sit next to the driver. It's gotta be the funnest seat :)

  14. I would so love to sit by the monster with the heart! They are the best kind of monsters!

  15. I'd love to sit next to Stephen Fry! I have slowly discovered over the years that he's the only 'celebrity' that I can sketch. There's just something about his face that I love drawing, it's quite bizarre! It would be bliss if I could do observational drawings of him while we discuss the world :)

  16. I'd sit next to Charlie Brown & marvel at his insight, wisdom and premature receding hairline.

  17. I guess I'll grab the seat next to Warren (or any of you other doodlers) ... perhaps work on another collaboration. I, too doodled a carriage in the train car and missed out on getting a copy of my own.

  18. I'd like to sit next to someone reading the colouring book, so I could look over their shoulder. then if I win one, people would want to sit next to me.

  19. If I could sit on a train next to anyone, it would have to my old english teacher, (as cliché as it may sound) she was really inspirational!

  20. I would like to sit next to an octopus with eight arms and watch it while it was doodling on the floor, the seats, the doors, the windows, the commercials, the ceiling, all the bags and me.

  21. I'm a hs art teacher-and live close to the ringling bros art museum- I would love to sit next to PT Barnum- he could tell me about all kinds of fun people has met during his life!

  22. Roger Ebert. I\'d love to see him in action with his Twitter account/client. He tweets and retweets more than any other person I follow.

  23. Meg Whitman. I feel we could have a rather healthy dialogue. HA!

  24. I'd like to sit next to my kitty :D

  25. I would like to sit next to an snowman to cool me down as long as I travel on a train in Germany.

  26. i would love to sit in the monster train! i love it!!! wuaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  27. I would love to sit next to my boyfriend on the train.. Justification: I don\'t want to worry about small chit chat with a stranger when I know I can enjoy his company (and his smell) for hours and hours and days and weeks. I pick Davy.

  28. I would like to sit next to my brother so i can draw him on my journey. He makes an excellent model and also other people/ strangers would not stare at me for drawing them. =) Doodle awayyyyyy.....

  29. I would looove to sit next to the dancing hippos from Dumbo! It'd be sooo much fun!

  30. My friend Colleen, she makes me laugh. Like these doodles do. In a good way, of course ;-)

  31. Bigfoot! Of course.

  32. My great nan. Last time i sat next to her on a train she brought sausage rolls and a set of happy families. I have very fond memories of that trip

  33. I would love to be able to sit next to my best friend George, who unfortunately passed away two summers ago. However, if we were on a train ride together - we would be singing loudly and enjoying long conversations like we always did. "I believe in a thing called love" was our favorite song to sing in public, and I don't think being on a train would stop us from that :) Thanks for the opportunity for this contest! Courtney

  34. mr. imagination itself. he wears a coat made of crayons and while I draw, he dances to inspire me. I color at the rythm of his music.

  35. wes anderson. i'd be laughing hysterically the entire train ride.

  36. wed anderson. i'd be laughing hysterically the entire train ride.

  37. I'd like to sit next to my wife, she's my best friend. :)

  38. I'd like to sit next to Big Bird from Sesame Street. I foresee no problems with my choice.

  39. id like to sit to myself on the train but myself from 3 years ago so i can tell myself that when i get back to 3 years ago not to do certain things so that i wont be here typing this about myself sitting next to myself on a train.

  40. Bender Bending Rodriguez. Just how shiny is his ass?

  41. I think the artist Ursula Vernon would be a great train ride buddy.

  42. I would like to sit next to a talking cat dressed in a nice pair of slacks and a fedora. I would like to think he would know the answers to the universe and he would blow my pants off with information!

  43. Mrs. Nuon Phaly - she is a combodia killing fields survivor who started a women's program to help survivors get their trust and compassion back after the war so they could take care of their own children. For example she got the women in her group to give one another manicures because of the importance of being able to trust someone enough to touch them and of course, beauty. She now runs the FUTURE LIGHT Orphanage an she inspires me.

  44. I never hear of these cool doodling collaboration opportunities until their out in print!!! I'd want to sit next to someone who's sleeping so I can doodle a hairy mustache on them...

  45. I would love to sit aside an art legend, namely William Bouguereau. A man with so many students and so much talent to call upon, I would love to ask about his experiences, practice, techniques and brushstrokes!

  46. A blind person. Puns aside, I want a glimpse of his/her perspective. For me, life without visual art is unimaginable so perhaps he/she can tell me what it\\\'s like. In return, I can help him/her imagine artworks through words.

  47. I would so like to sit next to Steffi Graf. She's so pretty and she plays her sport so well and so gracefully :)

  48. If I got to choose I'd pick Jesus. I could ask him anything and since he is God's son, he would know everything- I'd like to learn a couple of things from him. Besides, I'm sure he is a great doodler too ;) (And he'd be fun to draw- I could see if all those Sunday-School pictures were right or not.)

  49. If I got to choose I'd pick God. I could ask him anything and since he is God, he would know everything- I'd like to learn a couple of things from him. Besides, I'm sure he is a great doodler too ;) (And he'd be fun to draw.) (The comment above was mine... before I made an account- Sorry!!!)

  50. I would like to sit next to anyone who would let me have the window seat, and wouldn't get offended at me putting my earphones in and not talking to them at all. I like to lose myself on train journeys.

  51. I wouldn't like to sit next to anyone on the train! I'd rather have the extra space to spread out all my bags, markers, and notebooks (and my new coloring book!)

  52. I would like to sit next to Ray Bradbury on the train... But really: I just want a coloring book... super badly. I never saw any notification that they were being sold! I want and want and want. Will there be any more sold, ever? Please? Oh please? pretty please with cherries and fudge and caramel and sprinkes and tiny little salted chopped nuts on top??

  53. I'd like to sit next to HP Lovecraft, just to see how his brain ticked.

  54. I think i would love to sit beside spongebob squarepants in a train because it would have to be under water and never ending. FUN love this by the way!!

  55. hot!!

  56. I would LOVE to sit next to LADY GAGA and all her little monsters. I love you GAGA. It would be an amazing train ride. YEAHHHH!!!!

  57. If I had to sit by anyone/anything that thing would probably be something quiet like a mouse (if given the choice though I'd probably ride alone for fear of getting nibbled!)

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