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Watercolor, Baby.

by Jamie Tao 5

Watercolor, Baby. | Doodlers Anonymous

I am obsessed with watercolors these days. This video by Breakbot explains why.

The video was handmade by Irina Dakeva, composed of approximately 2000 watercolor images painted one after another. The song will get you going, the visuals are pure awesome.

Found via Yay!Everyday.


  1. I wanna bang the watercolor girls. HOT! This is gorgeous. Not to mention the music is catchy as hell. Let's dance!

  2. Woah wow holycrap. This is so unbelievably awesome and colourful. Great find!

  3. The watercolor is amazing! And the song isn't bad, either.

  4. very cool piece - congrats!

  5. I love this song, and the animation with watercolor is completly amazing!!! well done

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