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by OKAT 3

Overwhelmed | Doodlers Anonymous

Not everything is lost, but it sure does feel like it. July has been a very slow month for Doodlers Anonymous, the slowest of all the months since our humble beginnings almost two years ago.

We are going through a transition of sorts. Lots is happening, but nothing is happening at the same time. We are working on upgrading some elements of DA, while adding new sections as well. It's all in development right now. Nothing that you can see until launch, of course.

It's been a long time coming and completely devouring up all of my free time. What's worse is that it's stealing my energy from keeping the current site alive and well with fresh content. And as each day goes on, it gets even harder to fall back into the routine of maintaining the current. I feel kinda lost.

I'll say this much, though. It will be well worth the effort. For those of you that keep coming back, a big thank you. Everyday I find new links from blogs and illustrators alike linking to Doodlers Anonymous. It's beyond encouraging.

And so this post is an effort to get myself back into the swing of things, while also showing off some great doodles from our members. For this entry I simply searched the word "lost" within the Doodlers Anonymous flickr group and happily discovered this handful of goodies. Keep it going forever.

Above: "I lost my head" by lapin.

"47/365 - Spoiler de Lost" by Ferran Esteve

"lost hat" by Alyssa Duhe

untitled by Hayley Warnham

"lost in my world" by Gizem Vural

"Terminal 3, (D)heathrow" by Ian Bowden

"I Lose Myself" by Vaughn Fender

"lost and found" by yours truly


  1. this is coooooool! =D

  2. Details, details, its all about the little details! Great drawings.

  3. i lose myself in flashing colours - love it!

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