Inspiration: Editorial

Words to Live By

by Jamie Tao 13

Words to Live By | Doodlers Anonymous

I bought a large set of markers and I feel like a kid again because all I want to do is color things in. Seriously. I can't stop.

So in the spirit of our addiction to draw on anything and everything, here is some new work and words that I haven't been able to get out of my head until they've been put down on paper.


  1. These are looking great Jamie. What do you say folks? Raise your hand if you think Jamie should turn some of these into prints we can buy to hang on our walls?

  2. Definitely! I'd love to have a print of some these for my walls! =) They look amazing!

  3. Go for it Jamie!! These are cool.

  4. I love these bright quotes. :) They make me smile. I love coloring things in, myself. I especially love the \\\"I want Magic\\\" quote, as I wrote the same thing in red-hot pen in my diary yesterday, quoting Blanche DuBois from Tennessee Williams\\\' A Streetcar Named Desire.

  5. especially love the UNbelievable paper bag

  6. so great to look at!

  7. wonderful Jamie! i knew straight away (before i read it) it was your moleskine. they're all ace!

  8. I love the variety of styles and techniques. I'm at work and now feel compelled to doodle on something. If I get in trouble, it's all your fault. \[•__•]/

  9. amazing!

  10. They would look perfect on t-shirt too! They would be more inspiring with more people reading them on someone's tee.

  11. Truly wonderful. I think ideas for prints and T shirts would be a winner

  12. Great work! Whacha drinking?

  13. Larry, I was drinking scotch, not by choice. We had run out of other choices.

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