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Member Spotlight: James Barker

by OKAT 6

Member Spotlight: James Barker | Doodlers Anonymous

What can I say? I seriously love everything James draws. It's messy, raw and untamed, but all very intentional at the same time. His work is all over the place too, from colorful and bold portraits of dead kings and queens to black and white comic-like panels of zombies and devils. I've collected some of my favorite here, but also make sure you don't miss his drawn posters of compiled masks, flags and planes.

James became a member of Doodlers Anonymous in December of 2009, but you can mainly find him on flickr and


  1. love his work!

  2. Simple and fresh. Great job!

  3. I spy Margot Tenenbaum. <3

  4. Just noticed this! Thanks for the Spotlight and the awesome feedback! Alexandra you do spy Margot, I love The Royal Tenenbaums

  5. Oh I like his work.:)

  6. wow he's great :) and he watches the flight of the concords!

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