Inspiration: Art

Living Life Like Good Homosapiens

by Jamie Tao 13

Living Life Like Good Homosapiens | Doodlers Anonymous

Retro Whale combines all of my favorite things into their body of work: Humanimals, imperfect lines, and a kind of subtle humor that makes me laugh in the most ridiculous way. Get to know the work of Kelly, Jimmy and Jaedon and see life the way they do: With a whole lot of color and inspiring rap lyrics to make you feel complete. Check out their etsy shop too. There's so much goodness there.


  1. Awesome! I love them all! Can you buy them as prints any where?

  2. Yep! Their etsy store is linked on this entry. So snatch something up. :)

  3. I'm so glad that there are homosapiens that can draw like this. Super find Jamie!

  4. Boost! Great works, I love the gritty feel.

  5. These are all amazing! I love the sort of grungy feel to it all!

  6. So cute! Off to check out their etsy now.

  7. This is some cool stuff man.

  8. great great.... love that monochrome backgrounds!!!

  9. this is terrific stuff....

  10. Funny, I just came across their etsy site the other day and looked through the whole thing. I'm currently trying to decide which of the prints on wood panels I want. I like a lot the diptych/triptych sets.

  11. wow great stuff~

  12. Awesome!

  13. Love it :3

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