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Giveaway: We're A Happy Family

by Thereza Rowe 57

Giveaway: We're A Happy Family | Doodlers Anonymous

As my guest blogging here comes to the end of its happy cycle, I cannot believe how fast this month went by and how much fun it’s been posting for you DA readers. I feel lucky and glad to have been so warmly welcomed by the DA family and as a token of my gratitude, as Papa (above) suggested to me, a giveaway would be most suiting to celebrate the good times I’ve had 'round here and to thank you all for the love, generous feedback and endless bubbles of inspiration.

So speaking of families, a while back I was delighted to be invited by the super talented Estibaliz Hernandez to design a set of four cards along with another seven international artists to form the ‘We are a happy family’ children’s card game. It was such a great project to be involved in, I enjoyed the process so much and the end result is truly fabulous.

The card game was published in Spain in April and the first edition has sold out, with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders charity. The wonderful other artists included are Sarajo Frieden, Lotte Andkilde, Lady Desidia, Estibaliz Hernandez, Alexandra Hedberg, Aris Moore, Kimberly Laurenti and box layout by Jorge Fernandez. And guess what? We have put aside two packs exclusively to give away to a couple of lucky DA readers!

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is leave your comment on this post telling us what you enjoyed most during my posting here and your name will go in my hat! Winners will be announced on 7th July. Last but not least, I’d like to take this opportunity to, again, thank you so much for making my little adventure here such a brilliant one! Pssst: I have a brand new website now and am welcoming your feedback too. Hope you enjoy browsing through it and do stay in touch. Lots of love and happy doodling x


  1. Let me be the first to say that it was our pleasure Miss Rowe, and quite an impressive exit with the giveaway. Good luck readers!

  2. I so love the cards!!!

  3. I love the bag of cats! And the cards. Great job!

  4. If I win, this will be my favourite part of your posts here! Those cards look lovely

  5. I enjoyed "The Witty Universe of Simone Lia."

  6. Was there anything more perfect than the Bag of Cats post? (Answer: no)

  7. loved your cat post! these cards look gorgeous, thanks so much for the chance to win!

  8. I love that you can feature the various works of artists and your curating makes it fun for us.

  9. I liked the post about zines - inspirational!

  10. I loved the post about zines, because it really motivates me to make my own! Honestly, thought, I love all of the posts.

  11. Hi! I love this site, but I especially loved the post with the "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" cat. The Bag of Cats post, I think it was called. I ended up going to that artist's photo stream and I'm in love with half of her stuff now, thank you!

  12. What can I say Thereza? I got to know this wonderful site via your own blog! So I might say that I am a big fan of all your posts! And well love to win this marvelous box! xo

  13. I am obsessed with Lesley Barnes' work, so that was probably my favorite post while you were guesting over here. That said: all your stuff rules. :) Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  14. Pencil vs. Camera. Too cool to be forgotten.

  15. Everything Thereza, specially the zines one.

  16. I honestly enjoyed the eye candy!

  17. I really enjoyed all your posts but the one with the zines was my favorite! So many cool links to follow!

  18. Gotta love Bag of Cats!

  19. Your photos of simon wild's sketchbooks made me laugh!

  20. Zines - A Lab of Love sung to my heart. I\'m a zine mad reader and creater and was uber appreciative of some zine making effort apprectiation (And the award for most awkward sentence ever goes to). x

  21. sad to see this is your last post thereza! you fit in really well here.

  22. Hands down it was the bag of cats post!

  23. I won't be starting any trends with this answer, but I too loved the Bag of Cats post. It reminded me of the Cat Museum I went to in Amsterdam as a kid. So many different visions of the feline world, all so whimsical!

  24. I loved your post about zines!

  25. Hi Thereza, what a beautiful set of cards. I totally recognize your contribution there! :-) I enjoy DA a lot for all the yummy eye candy that you guys put out. thanks! Will check your site out now.

  26. The Ace in the Pack fo shizzle!

  27. Bag of cats! It was like a cuddle on my computer screen!

  28. Hi- they were all god, but for me I think it has to be Bag of Cats...those cards are STUNNING!!!! x

  29. Sorry- I obviously meant to say good, not God, doh!

  30. definitely bag of cats ... followed by zines! the cards look amazing!

  31. my most favorite is the zines, really loved it!

  32. Bag of cats was officially adorable

  33. The bag of cats was really neat, I especially adore Gemma Correl.

  34. Great month Thereza! Thanks for all your posts but for me the fav of all favs was the zine post. I still have so much to explore.

  35. I really enjoyed you blogging here, and I especially liked your 'Zines' post. 'A Bag of Cats' was lovely, too! Eloise and Bruno are very cute cats. Last but not least: congrats on your new site, looks super cool!

  36. Bag of cats, lovely!!!!! :)

  37. Hi Thereza! Thanks for your contributions this month. My favorite entry was the one about Simone Lia. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Hi there ! my favorite post was on zines .. really want to make one now !!

  39. Hi Thereza! I enjoyed your selection on Bag of cats. It definitely changes from the geekyness of LOL cats or infinite cats ;)

  40. I love your blog. those kitty cards are filled with whimsy as well as lovely color palette. to me they remind me of the unexpected house guest creature character by edward gorey. keep up the wonderful work. :)

  41. This is such an amazing collection of work, I would love to have it in my inspiration corner of the studio to brighten up my mornings! Its been so lovely reading your blog posts, especially the one about Simone Lia. I apparently missed the zine one, so I'm going to go read it now.... xx

  42. Off the top of my head, I really enjoyed bag of cats, Matt Saunders' work, pencil vs camera, muxxi, and the Doodle Vending Machine!

  43. I already own a set of these and they are wonderful - so not entering the comp! thereza have loved all your posts!!!!! simon wilds sketchbooks were my favs

  44. Thereza, i enjoyed all your posts here! you introduced me to the world of zines, the sketchbook of Simon Wild and a whole bag of cats :) And this pack of cards is simply wonderful!

  45. What I like about this site is the detail..the doodles here are the best for that reason!

  46. Hi Thereza! I've loved each of your posts, they always make me smile!! (However, my favourite will have to be bag of cats!!)

  47. Love Lesley Barnes and Simone Lia so very much appreciated your posts about them, the more eyes pointed in their direction the better. And to echo EVERYone above; wonderful looking cards!

  48. My favourite part about this entire website is the variety of photographs and visuals. Every one is so inspiring, and I love getting a taste of artists' work before following the links to their websites! And the cards all look amazing!


  50. ....the Witty Universe of Simone Lia, absolutely, I love so much Simone’s work...exactly as I love yours! ;o)

  51. for oodles of doodles..... and for just being here and colourful, it is lovely to see a world of happy lines and activity, so much to see my eyes are boggling.... thank you kindly

  52. i loved the pictures of simon wilds sketchbooks! they were great!!! hahahaha :) hope to win! ;)

  53. essas cartas são boas demais ; )

  54. I would love to have one!

  55. Loved the post about zines. I am currently creating some of my own! These cards are great!

  56. thanks everyone! i've enjoyed reading your notes so much :) winners have been picked randomly from my hat and will be announced on the next post. have a lovely day

  57. BAG - O - CATS! nuff said.

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