Inspiration: Editorial Doodle of the Day

Doodle on Cotton

by Jamie Tao 8

Doodle on Cotton | Doodlers Anonymous

For far too long, my to-do list looked something like this:

1. Something important 2. Something else fairly important 3. Something I didn't finish yesterday 4. Doodle on my DA shirt

I can finally take that bottom task off of my list.

It was a few hours of mindless fun and somewhat therapeutic and I encourage you all to take some time off (because we all need it) to do the same. My tools of choice? A black marker, a needle and some red thread.

We love the submissions we've gotten so far and also love how your individual styles and personalities come through in each t-shirt. We look forward to seeing more of them and sharing them with all of you.


  1. Great tee, Jamie. Loving the bird, bus, and shoes. Sorry folks, I know we are practically out of stock on the shirts. We are considering doing another print run, but it all depends how many of you would like to participate. Raise your hand if you are interested.

  2. my hand is up!!

  3. I love this shirt doodle Jamie. And the distressed heart is a great touch. I keep forgetting about this project. Okay, after seeing this fine piece of inspiration, count me in too!

  4. Get'er done, Jim. :)

  5. That is one chingón t-shirt. Inspiring.

  6. I would like to order a large if you get enough hands to raise.

  7. Awesome Tee Jamie! I want to Doodle on one too! (My hand is raised)

  8. would definatley love a t-shirt! love the site too.

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