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A Bag of Cats

by Thereza Rowe 4

A Bag of Cats | Doodlers Anonymous

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” Sigmund Freud once quoted. And I think he’s absolutely right! My two felines are my pride and joy.

A while ago over a morning of procrastination I made a little flickr cat gallery and I never get tired of revisiting it again and again… As they say: cats are magical creatures, the more you pet them, the longer you’ll both live…

Here’s a little selection of cat drawings I found this evening.

"don’t hate me because I’m beautiful" by gemma correll This one says it all, doesn’t it?! Catphilosophy.

"nutella cat" by jamieshelman Nutella + cat = perfect combo

"guess who I am!" by Blanca Helga Whoever you are, no matter. You’re gorgeous!

"untitled" by lapuertatres Let me adopt you!

"Siamese" by naianamss What are you staring at kitties?

"Cat Party no.2" by Mia Christopher Wouldn’t you love to join this party?!

"I ate too much" by milkylane Ohhh really? Time for a nap now… Say meowwwww!


  1. Thank you for including my drawing in this amazing gallery Thereza! All of these kitty pieces are just too wonderful.

  2. Another great post by Thereza! super blogging. The drawing of the cat full of fish really made me giggle

  3. that's awesome

  4. Love cats!

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