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by Jamie Tao 8

Games and Exercises | Doodlers Anonymous

We've all been somewhat busy working on our individual projects. But last Friday, we decided to get ourselves back into the groove of things, DA style. We put on some Stereo Mood (tip: always pick "happy." Even if you're not, you will be after just a few songs), pulled out whatever markers we had lying around (in this case, we had sharpies and good old-fashioned Crayolas) and went to town on a garage door that looked way too bare for our tastes.

Moral of the story: There is none. But that's what doodling is all about - no thinking involved, just drawing.

Here are a few photos of the improvised fun. This is just the beginning. Our intention now is to finish it, with tons of color and not an inch left unmarked.


  1. That was a fun afternoon Jamie. Next time... we finish the whole thing!

  2. It was a fun afternoon indeed. Next time...we attack with infinite colors. :)

  3. Love it! Looks so fun! Wish I was there with my markers too!

  4. if only we could doodle via skype... i'd be there!

  5. how much fun would that be if we could all get together and do that?

  6. That's our goal, Jim. Let's make it happen. :)

  7. this is what i want. doodle via skype: sounds promising.

  8. "Happy" is good. I find the "Melancholy" playlist pretty effective too. Anyone want to do a Paris or London doodle-in?

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