Inspiration: Sunday Grins

Sunday Grins! with Mogu Takahashi

by Lisa Currie 8

Sunday Grins! with Mogu Takahashi | Doodlers Anonymous

What's the coolest thing we can hold onto as we grow up? (hint: it's not anything to do with 'mint condition' or Ebay) ... it's creative joy! Making marks without any hesitation!

And that's why I am heaps smitten over Tokyo artist Mogu Takahashi!

I've heard people try to be mean about a drawing by saying 'Pff, I could have done that when I was like, three years old!'. But I think this is the biggest compliment! No-one makes happy marks like a three year old with a crayon can. But Mogu does it with the motor skills of a grown-up to boot!

Her happy little characters pop up on everything from handmade dog food jars, to funny little stuffed toys, even mandarins! Ha! There's always a good time to be had on her Flickr page or in her cute Etsy shop... and you'll want to take a peek at her very nice scrapbooks too.

But first!... Get happy with the five doodles that Mogu drew just for us. If ever Sunday Grins was an appropriate name for this Q&A, it is today!

Q: If you were a house, what would you look like?

Q: If you didn't have fingers, what would you like instead?

Q: What will you never see outside your window?

Q: Who was the strangest stranger you ever saw?

Q: Do monsters live under your bed?


  1. my abundance of exclamation marks says it all! haha!... !!

  2. Mogu is such a dear! And her mind is such a thing of wonder -- she has so many ideas and her imagination is wild. She has enormous talent for putting things out there.

  3. I\'m a Mogu Fan.

  4. hahahha i'm Mogu fan numero one! she is amazing artist!she is funny , she rules...

  5. Mogu is amazing! Her work always makes me smile

  6. on croatian MOGU means I CAN! hehe.... great drawings!

  7. A religious green beaver... strange indeed.

  8. MMMMM!!! Marvellous Mogu Magic!

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