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Wild Sketchbooks

by Thereza Rowe 10

Wild Sketchbooks | Doodlers Anonymous

I’m so thrilled to start my guest writing here by showing you some never seen before glimpses of Simon Wild's sketchbooks. His work is so vibrant and full of energy.

I met him recently when he came down to London to meet us at a graphic art fair and it was great to browse through his moleskine while we were having lunch by the river. I noticed his fab website doesn’t have a sketchbook section and asked him for a few spreads and a few words on the relevance of his sketchbooks with relation to his working process.

Here’s what Mr. Wild had to say...

My sketchbooks are at the heart of my practice. They are my diary, my playground, my travel records, my collection of observations, my successes, my failures, my private thoughts and my visual compass. I keep sketchbooks as I am interested not only in the preservation of my own fleeting ideas, but also capturing the world around me and drawing inspiration from it.

Sometimes I doodle recklessly, sometimes I observe with relentless patience, sometimes I glue things down like an angry child, but it all helps to feed the creative spirit, helping to shape the work whatever form it chooses.

I never ever leave home without a sketchbook in my pocket. My sketchbook is a magical place where the real world and the imagination enjoy a ritualistic courtship every time I put pen to paper.

Very inspiring indeed… thanks Simon! For more of Simon Wild’s visual delights, visit his website.


  1. This is awesome! Welcome to DA Thereza!

  2. I love the home page of your website. It's filled to the brim with thumbnails of color. Says a lot about your work.

  3. woww it looks like a collection of at least five different artists who have awesome sketchbooks.... but rolled into one guy... that's special!

  4. I agree with you with having sketch book with you all day. Feels like dreaming when you are awake. Great job.

  5. Those crayon sketches are brilliant, I love them. What a great way to draw a city.

  6. My students make fun of me because I have at least two sketchbooks with me at all times. These are very striking and funny.

  7. I just had a great time at Simon's site! Thanks for the post Thereza.

  8. Thank you for your lovely comments everybody. Glad you enjoyed the sketchbooks :)

  9. the overlapping lines look so cool, like they aren't supposed to do that but it's ok that they do. flows so well together.

  10. very inspiring

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