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June's Guest Contributor: Thereza Rowe

by Jamie Tao 9

June's Guest Contributor: Thereza Rowe | Doodlers Anonymous

Oh oh ooooh! How thrilled are we?

Here, I'll answer that. We are exceedingly excited, and justifiably so. We have a new guest contributor, a wonderfully talented and colorful one at that.

She's a London based illustrator and graphic designer. She loves drawing and paper cutting, she daydreams a lot and drinks tons of pink milk. She has two cats, Flash and Kitty, and they are her best friends around the workspace. She is tiny red (literally) but you might also know her as Thereza Rowe.

If you want to reacquaint yourself with Thereza's work, you can visit her portfolio, her blog, or her flickr.

Now let's throw a pen-and-paper party and give Thereza the welcome she deserves. Here's looking forward to it getting messy.


  1. I love Thereza's work! Nice!

  2. oh thereza, i love your work ... and so i'm curious about what follows ... rike

  3. I've just checked out Thereza's portfolio, and must say I'm very impressed! Looking forward to her contributions!

  4. one of my favorite doodlers and daydreamers ever!

  5. Ditto.

  6. So happy to have you join us Miss Rowe. Cheers to June.

  7. this is going to be fun! i love your first post already..

  8. WeLcOMe TherEzA!!!

  9. thank you so much guys, you're all so nice :)

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