Inspiration: Sunday Grins

Sunday Grins! with Elena Lombardi

by Lisa Currie 6

Sunday Grins! with Elena Lombardi | Doodlers Anonymous

Elena Lombardi is one of my favourite names to say. It rolls off my tongue much like the lyrics of a Hanson song do. Mmmbop (maybe that reference won't cross cultural and generational gaps, but trust me, it means nice things).

Luckily I get to say her name a lot because Elena Lombardi is always producing spunky designs for me to look at and play with. With her pals at Helpful Strangers she created the cute learning game Simple Machines. Making science class not just bearable, but a good time... yes please!

She also doodles a lot. And today she's sharing her fineliner handiwork with us, in response to some silly questions I asked her about aliens and the ultimate pair of kicks.

So while I sit in the corner and say her name like its a hypnotic drum beat, please enjoy this playful interview with Elena Lombardi! Elena Lombardi, elena lombardi...

Q: If you didn't have hair on your head, what would you like there instead?

Q: Is there a sport that you wish existed?

Q: If aliens exist, what do you think they look like?

Q: In diagram form, what would be the best shoes someone could ever make?

Q: What do you wish was outside your bedroom window?


  1. elena lombardi! such a spunk

  2. wow, it is such an honour being on DA! love the Hanson reference, thanks : D

  3. I love her! no seriously.

  4. really cool, thanks

  5. I'm up for a game of biscuit dipping any day… {flick}

  6. Now I'm wishing that berries grew on my head. Who needs hair? This series is fun Lisa. I love seeing how the creative mind thinks out loud.

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