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Member Spotlight: Matt Saunders

by OKAT 10

Member Spotlight: Matt Saunders | Doodlers Anonymous

I don't know Matt Saunders (aka rabbit portal), but sometimes I feel like I do. I've been following him on twitter for months now and it's quite obvious how much passion and work he puts into his love of drawing. I really like that his lines are detailed and intricate and that there's an abundance of them.

Take the time to visit his flickr full of goodies, especially the animation stills, where he shows off his scribbles before they come to life.


  1. Keep it going Matt and thanks for being a part of Doodlers Anonymous.

  2. dude, you've got a cool detailed fine line! like the mix of collage too! keep up the good work

  3. love that photo of Matt breathing out the monsters!

  4. Great textures, and sort of never ending.

  5. i feel really inspired by your work

  6. Wow thanks all :) Ive always wanted to be on DA this really made my day. Keep Safe M

  7. I love this stuff

  8. good job matt! good line work and mix of collage. one of my fave!

  9. I love the way your lines flow...makes me want to follow them!

  10. Very nice work!

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