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It's Pencil vs. Camera!

by Jamie Tao 12

It's Pencil vs. Camera! | Doodlers Anonymous

We all live in our own world and see what we want to see. But Ben Heine shows us what his mind sees. He takes reality (photographs) and adds his own bit of weird and crazy (drawings) to create a different world, his very own. It's a fun battle between drawing and photography.

"You can choose to draw something in a realistic way or to rather go crazy. I personally prefer to show unreal things on the paper because the photo is a mere reflection of the world we live in," says Ben.

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See more of the series here.


  1. great stuff...!! another one of those "i wish i did that first" moments.

  2. this is awesome stuff, im not so sure about the hand being the re-occurring image in all drawings, i feel that the paper is enough.

  3. haha, truly awesome!

  4. I think this is how illustrators see the world! Simplified to the core.

  5. great idea

  6. These are AWESOME! Ben Heine is one of my new favorites.

  7. I'm not very sure about this, it feels like cheat to me. Let me explain, this is a photoshop work, this could be awesome enough, but I think it's meant to make you believe the artist makes drawing from life, on a piece of paper and then puts it in front of the cam. My guess is that the artist takes a picture, outlines it, then adds the hand holding the paper, and voila. Again, photoshop artists are not less interesting than drawers, but I think this puts people in awe because they believe the subtext that is "I draw something I see and then take a picture of the drawing in context". What do you think?

  8. Yea, it's obviously Photoshopped, but I can't say I mind that. I still think the images are pretty intriguing and entertaining.

  9. Whoa that's so cool

  10. Are you freakin' kidding me. Man....I thought of this idea too. Great to see someone thinks outside of the box too. GREAT drawings, ideas, and concept. I see this in a TV commercial in the future!

  11. interesting, different, funny, light hearted all at once. hoorah for ben!

  12. haha it\'s a funny

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