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Chisel Away

by Jamie Tao 15

Chisel Away | Doodlers Anonymous

Diem Chau. Wow.

Here's a little something different. As self-proclaimed doodlers, we have all grown up coloring with crayons. Well, you can forget all about that. Diem Chau takes her crayons and carves the most intricate and delicate figures out of them. Patience and an astute attention to detail have got to be some of her fortes. Take a look at more of her work, right after you pick up your jaw off the table.


  1. Fantastic. I love her (literal) desktop!

  2. And I love those tableaus she creates with the finished sculptures.

  3. wow, this is. amazing. seriously

  4. Incredible! I followed the link and was also impressed by her little toothpick-and-paper scenes on porcelain plates.

  5. Indeed, all of her work is impressive.

  6. These are wonderful. They remind me of the carved and painted crochet hooks my mom has. These crayon carvings are really quite expressive and fun!

  7. waw! so nice!

  8. i adore them you have way too much patience!

  9. Impressive! Do you draw your guide or do you just carve from your mind?

  10. thanks DA - just got to highlight these on my blog! lovely. everyone should see these

  11. This is so cool! I've never seen anything like it before. Can you imagine the level of patience and concentration this artist dedicates to her craft?! wow, i love this!

  12. damn its cool!

  13. you have got to be kidding me!! that stuff is amazing!!! can you 'chisel' a dodge challenger for me??

  14. coolest thing ever

  15. Great way to use crayons: VERY unique.

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