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Lots of Black

by Jamie Tao 7

Lots of Black | Doodlers Anonymous

I've been so busy the last few weeks that I've barely had time to breathe. From moving to last-minute trips and trying to keep up with my own personal work, I've been a bit nonexistent on DA. But here's something to make up for the lost time. You'll be impressed.

A few weeks ago, I purchased "Elephant," a truly wonderfully crafted art and visual culture magazine from the U.K. (Really, there's no competition so run out and get it!) In it, I found the work of Bruno 9li. His work is intense, to say the least, and it is evident he lives in his own world, a bold and beautiful one. I would love to get lost in that world even though I'd be a little afraid. I'd walk around with one eye closed the whole time, but with a humongous smile on my face.

Go take a bigger peak in his flickr.


  1. I think these are visually engaging and beautiful. They really drew me in and forced me to take a closer look.

  2. i love how he uses colors NOT as a casual expected palette, but as a supplement to his fantastic line work. :] IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

  3. just amazing

  4. Wow! Nice find Jamie. I love the blue, red, black, white palette.

  5. I'm floored by how discreetly he fits complicated narratives into single panels. He balances positive and negative space with his use of graphic art and psychedelic patterns in a manner that leads the eye to view seemingly sequential moments in a single glance. He gives us an entertaining introspective look at street art. Kudos!

  6. @Johnathan McLemore: and I just thought it looked pretty :)

  7. Sick! ...luv it!!!!!

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