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Good Habits, Clean Living

by OKAT 5

Good Habits, Clean Living | Doodlers Anonymous

I just received the mother of all packages from Chris Piascik. Long time readers of DA should be quite familiar with his work by now. A simple search on the site reveals we've posted about his talent for type and doodles almost a dozen times in the past year and a half.

The man just doesn't stop. So what came in the envelope of goodies? Three zines (one a collaboration with Vaughn Fender called Eternally Unsatisfied but Tirelessly Optimistic), a limited-edition letterpress print, some stickers and a few loose doodles.


  1. I make it rain—doodles and zines.

  2. Boom! ... goes the dynamite.

  3. Sooo amazing. I LOVE IT ALL!!!

  4. loved it! the doodles and the site o/ first time here and i already intend to return.

  5. super cute! i love kind of typograph you made!

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