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My Kind of Folk

by OKAT 9

My Kind of Folk | Doodlers Anonymous

I want to be a part of the cast of characters from the world of Ryan Peltier. Being skinny and bearded, I feel like I am already half way there.

Check out the raw and char-coaled work at his recently updated website and also visit the shop that carries some fairly priced limited-edition silkscreens (I love the Robot Child one). But first, come and meet the family.


  1. i love them, they remind me of \\\"räuber hotzenplotz\\\" by ottfried preussler ... thank you for sharing! rike

  2. I reaaly love this!! the medium fits the subject very well!

  3. wonderful.....such humor

  4. Looks like some people I know who live back home in Alabama. Great stuff! Funny.

  5. my kinda folk too!

  6. one of better drawings that i have seen in a long time!!!! keep on man!!!!!!

  7. this is classic! pretty awesome drawing. love it!

  8. Love the imagination behind this and the clean-cut lines!

  9. nice :D

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