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So Much Goodness

by OKAT 6

So Much Goodness | Doodlers Anonymous

I just spent an entire morning with the work of Stéphane Prigent. Oh my, I am seriously loving it all, besides the oddity of it and the beautiful use of color, it's the originality in the work that I am most getting caught up in.

I've seen such obvious trends in the work of artists and illustrators lately that Stéphane's feels like an enormous breathe of fresh air. Here's just a small glimpse of some of my favorite, but you really need to just dive into the flickr link with over fifty pages of goodness.


  1. Dear the History Channel, Please license the last image in this post as the cover art for the Ghost Hunters season 6 DVD set. Glory and awesomeness would immediately follow. Thanks, James

  2. This is amazing! I am swooning.

  3. funky! i like the last two especially.

  4. visually fun

  5. hello an interview of Stéphane Prigent in french and english is availble in our magazine if you are interested

  6. Your paintings recall the style of picasso!

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