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Giveaway: Untitled

by OKAT 7

Giveaway: Untitled | Doodlers Anonymous

We are feeling good today and think you should too. So we are giving away the above limited-edition three color hand-screened poster (18x24 inches) to the first person that comments with the name of the artist. (see full size)


  1. Hmmm... those curvy lines look suspiciously similar to a piece that I saw on your Flickr, Okay. I'm going to guess it's by you.

  2. Aaron Brady or Rithika Merchant?

  3. sorry, but wrong, wrong and wrong.

  4. Jeremy Pruitt (aka thinkmule)

  5. Is it Saddo Jdero?

  6. Winner! Congratulations Miss Laura Alvarez :) Jeremy/thinkmule created this fine piece of work. Details here:

  7. Yay!!! I'm the winner!!!!

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