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I Want More

by Jamie Tao 5

I Want More | Doodlers Anonymous

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way but I am going to make this announcement anyway.

I love flickr as much as I love surprises. And books. And Nutella.

It is so easy to discover so many great pieces of art and the artists behind them. I go on it daily and look forward to new uploads for me to find. Here are a few of my favorite discoveries in the recent past that have kept me happy and motivated. Eye candy ahead, enjoy.

Above is by freshmabrouka.

by Nathalie Chikhi

by Some Milk / Julie Dru

by Karolien Vanderstappen

by bobi bobi


by stine belden røed

by Alejandra Villasmil

by Nathalie Chikhi


  1. Karolien has a great \\\\\\\"3 headed\\\\\\\" piece here

  2. Nice selection of stuff Jaime. I already spent way too much time on just 2 of them. I have more to look forward to. Yes Flickr is awesome.

  3. Thanks Guys!

  4. Jim! Keep looking, you'll find goodies all around. :)

  5. LOVE the eye candy. especially the top pile of colors.

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