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It's Like Candy

by Jamie Tao 13

It's Like Candy | Doodlers Anonymous

Flipping through an illustration book I received in the mail today, the handy work of Hennie Haworth got me to stop flipping. And then I immediately googled her name. Hennie creates intricate illustrations with her own unique and personal touch. I feel like a kid again when I see her lines and colorful layered compositions. I want to touch them and put them in my mouth. No really, look at those marbles.


  1. I love the one of the room :)

  2. I love the motor bike :]

  3. I love them all !! She is a real inspiration....I want to become a professional illustrator too!

  4. the last picture was sooo nice!

  5. the last picture was sooo nice!

  6. this use of color is beautiful. like, AAH! <3

  7. Ahh, Hennie Haworth! I never get tired of her work; I tend to look at her portfolio all over again every couple of months—it's just so fantastic and intricate!

  8. love the chair!

  9. i just love the drawing with the city

  10. Love the cap C.

  11. beatiful chair and colour !bellissima sedia, che colori!melania

  12. utter deliciousness, love her work

  13. This stuff is great. Sometimes I get really into my sketches and they end up surprising me. I can totally see this here. Great great job. In fact, I even referenced your stuff in my blog. I wrote an article about this site and noted some of my favorites. If you want to check it out, I'll post the link!

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