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Something Glorious Is About To Happen

by OKAT 5

Something Glorious Is About To Happen | Doodlers Anonymous

She goes by Yoda or Lady Orlando, but no matter what you call her, the work deserves your undivided attention. She's a 29 year old from Mexico with (what seems like) an endless collection of inspiring drawings, each one more expressive than the previous. On flickr, she's posted tons of "miniature disasters", plus a complete look into her Moleskine journal. Looking through her work felt more like taking a journey through her life.

Found via Yay!Everyday.

You can also find Miss Orlando on deviantART and twitter.


  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING HERE!!! YOU ARE AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful! Thankyou for the inspiration to continue with art and design...!

  2. Ahhh, i've watched her on DeviantArt for forever. All her work is absolutely /amazing/.

  3. wow! I love Lady Orlando! I'm such a fan of her work - it's just stunning!

  4. ARRIBA MEXICO!!!!!!!

  5. Just beautiful x

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