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Fill It Up

by Jamie Tao 5

Fill It Up | Doodlers Anonymous

Jeremy Pettis doesn't shy away from color and that's a great quality in a designer man. Check his doodle set on flickr. I just moved into a new apartment and I keep thinking about wanting every single one of his drawings framed, scattered and filling up my wall in its entirety. Imagine the beauty!

As an added bonus for typography lovers, Jeremy has created a typographic study for every letter of the alphabet using animals as his subject. Great stuff here. The study includes initial sketches and his developmental commentaries for each. Jeremy says, "Normally, a person's relationship with a word lasts milliseconds, or maybe seconds depending on how long and complex the word is. With this project I'm hoping to change all of this." Scroll to the right when you visit his site.


  1. in love with the way everything flows together and how he uses his fonts. very nice :)

  2. Thanks for the writeup :)

  3. Thanks for having great work. :)

  4. cant take all the credit, that first image was drawn by my girlfriend nancy aguilar. :P

  5. Love your work. It\'s like being allowed to take peak into your dream. Fantastic!

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