Inspiration: Art

Soul Sister

by Dana Haim 7

Soul Sister | Doodlers Anonymous

Stefanie Berks is one of my closest friends from RISD. We spent four amazing years together at school, where together we fell in love with textiles and the beauty in craft. What I love about her work is the raw contrast between the feminine and the frilly and the graphic, bold words she uses. From the first time I ever saw her work I always loved the poetry in every piece. She is so good at capturing an emotion with one statement and always something quite sensitive about her approach to color and materials. Keep on stitching' girl...


  1. How to I get in touch with / find out more about Stephanie Berks? I love her work and I adore that cording/embroidery technique and would like to know more about it. Thanks!

  2. This is beautiful! Does she have a flickr or homepage? I'd like to see more of her art. Thanks for sharing!

  3. her combination with embroidery is marvellous!

  4. The last one is absolutely rad. Needle point?

  5. I can totally identify with your work :)

  6. I don't have a website at the moment. I am working on sorting that out though. If you would like to contact me about my work my email address is [email protected], i am so glad you guys like it. xo

  7. I love how the page says one thing But with so much feeling

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