Inspiration: Art


by OKAT 8

Colorblind | Doodlers Anonymous

Nikki Farquharson is experimenting with colored pens and found imagery in a collection of illustrations she calls Mixed Media Girls. It's impossible to ignore the visual impact when you see her use of color, patterns and doodles.

Also check out the work she did for Missbehave Magazine in collaboration with photographer Brooke Nipar.

Found via Nophar (a DA Facebook fan). Thanks for the tip!


  1. perfect.

  2. that looks fun.


  4. This may be the single most awesome thing I have ever seen! yes.

  5. Very cool :) I feel inspired

  6. Color insanity!

  7. Fun! Stirs the serotonin kool-aid with just enough sugar to make life alright!

  8. This is amazing! I love the color combinations and the creativity in all the work!

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