Inspiration: Art


  1. Like looking at a bacteria colony through this really funky microscope...

  2. love the wall. makes me look at the wall, door, to me and i think they feel naked.

  3. yes - intertwining fun is right! i love the yellow drawing on the shop window. very fun! i'm diggin' those boots, too!

  4. The 4th image is amazing. I want it on my wall ASAP.

  5. makes me want to get some new markes and cover everything around me with doodles. and i mean everything!! starting with........any suggestions?

  6. Awesome! I love the shop-front window piece, it looks so 'right'!

  7. where can i get those rain boots?

  8. Ditto - where do we find those rainboots!?

  9. love the art on the boots

  10. Simplicity at its finest. Great work!

  11. So fantastic!!

  12. all yellow shop window's one is my fav!!!

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