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The HORROR of the BLANK!!!

by Jim Bradshaw 9

The HORROR of the BLANK!!! | Doodlers Anonymous

I was recently contacted by The Art Bureau to do 10 pages in a zine/book featuring 10 other artists and myself. I excitedly accepted only to seize up in the idea stage for 3 straight weekends as life got in the way and the evil deadline came hurling toward me. Since I work full-time, those 3 weekends were much needed for my mental stability. This moment of insanity became the premise of my submission. Below are some teaser shots of the work which goes to press on March 7 and lands in my hands at a time to be decided by fate. I will announce this on my blog when it releases.


  1. Haha! This is looking great Jim. I love the process shot above with all the scribbles and notes, it's like I can see your mind spilling out everywhere. Looking forward to the final product.

  2. LOL! Yeah my brain spilled out for sure. It wasn't pretty. There's nothing like an unwieldy deadline to sharpen the senses and push me beyond my expectations. I'm not really a comic artist so this was kind of new ground. I am so excited for all the stretchy learning stuff that went down on this project. Thanks for letting me share.

  3. Yup - I know the feeling... blank white paper, brain dead and creatively worn out and that's the only time my house gets cleaned! It's like I have to be right up there with an extremely tight deadline to get the impetus to make marks! Love the work Jim and you've kept your sense of humour.

  4. wow that's awesome Jim! i'm lovin' the teaser pics! i especially like the drawing you did of you! one thing that's nice about tight deadlines, is that there's no time to over-think things. you just dive in and instinctually do it. i love that. can't wait to see more! :)

  5. Thanks Maura and Jay. Yeah, without that deadline dilemma, I was going nowhere fast. I'm not used to a writing assignment like that. The dilemma became the premise and it wouldn't have worked out any other way. I had to bleed to succeed. Hahaa. Life is funny sometimes.

  6. "Sketchbooks can't talk." "Oh Slap!" Tee hee, need I say more..........

  7. ^__^

  8. oh there is the weird chicken again...happy to see it alive and kicking

  9. ...and I know by your Flickr that you dig chickens, Ines. ;)

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