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When Inside Comes Out

by Jim Bradshaw 10

When Inside Comes Out | Doodlers Anonymous

I bought a book by Sabrina Ward Harrison titled "Spilling Open" a few years back. It transformed my approach to art. The book is, I believe, the first of a few of her published art journals. It is filled with loose, colorful, scribbles, doodles, paint strokes, hand lettering, photos, found objects and more all collaged together, forming very striking, energetic eye candy. More than pretty pictures, she bares her soul on every page with brutal honesty. Freeing inspiration spills out of her. Sometimes it is driven by triumph and other times, painful insecurity. Either way, the result is a more beautiful world. I highly respect her bravery as well as her talent.


  1. I think her honesty is what makes this art truly inspiring.

  2. Her book is AMAZING! Thank you for the reminder to dig it out of my shelves!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful. I love journals and sketchbooks, especially ones that have so much going on on each page you can spend hours on a single page. Beautiful.

  4. Very nice. I like the combination of writing and drawing.

  5. Work like this makes me want to go to the MOMA and see sketchbooks on everyfloor, on every square inch of the floor, in every nook and cranny on each floor. I want a museum of sketchbooks........ I want to flip through those sketchbooks, and talk to my friends about sketchbooks. Sketchbooks are the new avante garde.

  6. Gorgeous. Absolutely incredible.

  7. Yes! I love this, the colors and mixture of scribbles.

  8. did you happen upon the sketchbook project? there are 1500 of them making their way around the country. not sure where they are now but i saw them in SF a few weeks back... google them and then go see the sketchbook project... mos def a moving museum of sketchbooks... this one might even be in there...

  9. beautiful layers.

  10. i also need to add that i really like the text as a drawing element-i've been exploring similar ideas in my own work.

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