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Awkwardly Fantastic

by OKAT 4

Awkwardly Fantastic | Doodlers Anonymous

Tommy Eugene Higson is an artist, curator, writer, designer and co-founder of Cheap Zine with Nikki Marie Jackson. I got stuck in his flickr photostream because his style slightly reminds me of my own work: ink on paper of quirky faces and poses, almost badly drawn on purpose.

That is exactly what I love so much about it. When it comes to drawing, perfection has never really been my thing and the exaggerated features and off proportions of his work make each drawing incredibly intriguing and memorable. Enjoy, like I do.

See more of Tommy's work on flickr »


  1. although "not perfect" it is so very alive, just like art should be.

  2. This is doodling that has complexity, I love it!

  3. This is totally amazing stuff. Love it.

  4. Obsession.

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