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And the winner is...

by Jamie Tao 12

And the winner is... | Doodlers Anonymous

We are in love with Sam Pierpoint's doodled shoes and it is obvious that you guys are, too. After reviewing your submissions, we have finally picked a winner.

Congratulations are in order to Beatriz Morales Ramos, for doodling on a paper dress. Thank you for your efforts. It definitely made us smile. You now have the perfect shoes to go with your dress. Sam's only request is that you now photograph yourself sporting the dress and shoes on together.

Thank you to all the participants, for your creativity and your strange imaginations.

by Sarah Li by Megan by Seth Hilton by dias by Delaney Duke by Grace Beardsworth by Lawrence Roibal by Jennette Wilfong by Olivia Chancellor by N. Masters by Melissa Stefanini by Audrey Skrupskelis by J. Binder by Clara Roethe


  1. Love the dress Beatriz. My second choice would have been the mammal foot by Olivia Chancellor. Well done everyone. By far one of the strangest collection of doodles. So great.

  2. The mammal foot should have won!! Amazing!

  3. Wow, Beatriz - well done! totall justified choice, judges :)

  4. I love all the creativity.....job well done!

  5. Great effort and I can understand the pick, but I'd have rather seen someone win who followed the rules.

  6. All I'm gonna say is that its a shame that these shoes were too big for my small feet , because I LOVE all these fun responses... come to think of it , I should have done one anyway.... well done everyone, congrats Beatriz and enjoy them.. they are super cool...

  7. oh and my second choice would have been to the guy trying to get his ex girlfriend back by getting her these heels....

  8. Bety you are the best =D Congrats, also all the rest of the participants doodles are good

  9. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!, im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. awesome concept! you really deserve to win :)

  11. The mammal foot is the best!!!! LOVE IT :D

  12. FAB-U-LOUS

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