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Drawn to Sketchy Characters

by Jim Bradshaw 8

Drawn to Sketchy Characters | Doodlers Anonymous

I first discovered Tim Tomkinson in the "Fresh" section of Communication Arts magazine in 2005. It sounds like he pretty much went from Parsons, where he studied illustration to shortly after signing with an agent and going into illustration full-time. He is that good. If you want to see more of his work in print, Tim recently had a book of his sketches published called "The {Sketch}book vol. 01". It features 144 pages of his skilled sketchiness.


  1. Jim, thanks so much for this find. I just lost track of time on Tim's website. There are so many good drawings in there.

  2. NICE!

  3. i love this! very much x

  4. wonderful work & drawing style. reminds me of Alan Cober a bit, whose work i've admired for a long time. i'll definitely check out more of Tim's work.

  5. Yeah Okat, same thing happily happened to me. Your right Maura about the Coberesqueness (new word). I was a huge Cober fan back in the 80s. Now I'm off to go revisit his stuff. Wonderful line work and subject matter!

  6. LoL at the one that says "i like a man who drinks vino" haha good stuff here

  7. Word! Love it. Thanks for the link to Vol. 1 Sketchbook, always great to get a more indepth feel for stuff ya like!

  8. Awesome

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