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Giveaway: Shoes by Sam Pierpoint

by Jamie Tao 16

Giveaway: Shoes by Sam Pierpoint | Doodlers Anonymous

You know the phrase, "the work should speak for itself" - well, I think it was intended for Sam Pierpoint.

If you are not familiar with her illustrations and intricate 3-D worlds, you can reacquaint yourself here. Now for the bonus, the endless exclamation points, the frosting on the cake: Sam is giving away a pair of custom-doodled high heels here on Doodlers Anonymous. Not only did she deliver something incredible, but she delivered in only a matter of days.

When I received the photos of the shoes, I asked her if we could skip the giveaway all together so I could keep them for myself. It was a fail on my part.

So to win these shoes, you're going to have to work a little harder, but in a fun way. Tell us why you want them. Whatever your reason is; doodle it on your hand, photograph it, and share it with us. Most importantly, have fun.

Send us your photo by email (editor AT doodlersanonymous DOT com) by Tuesday February 16th at 4pm EST. We, along with Sam, will pick the person who makes us look twice.

Thank you all so much for the giveaway submissions. We received 15 body doodles and will pick a winner this week. Stay tuned.

We look forward to your submissions and lots of delicious hand doodles.


  1. These shoes are priceless. I can't believe we are giving them away. Beautiful work Sam. I'm speechless...

  2. these shoes are to die for! loving all the wonderful things on this blog. also loving the dots test up there, totally awesome.

  3. fabulous - I'd give a doodle to win them!!!

  4. yammie yammie, they belong in my museum (yep, inside the shoe cabinet...)

  5. What a cool idea!! :)

  6. haaa nice :)

  7. awesome shoes

  8. I imagine if one clicked the heels three times they would find themselves in doodle land.

  9. omg awesome, i need these for my girlfriend..

  10. My Mum wants these A LOT!!!

  11. Since the RNC cut off my clothing allowance, I haven't been able to afford spiffy shoes like these, don't-ya-know. wink, wink, know what I mean?

  12. Who won?

  13. Even I like these. If my girlfriend will find out this website, I am totally fu_ked..

  14. Crazy Shit, what a fabulous work! Respect!

  15. cool idea!! :)

  16. WANT!! :P these are beautiful!

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