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Life Pushes Through the Cracks

by Jim Bradshaw 4

Life Pushes Through the Cracks | Doodlers Anonymous

I am drawn to art with passion. That is what grabs me about the illustrations of Tim Marrs. He transports us to an urban world that in many ways is full of chaos, brokenness and turbulence yet it is filled with rich layers of texture, color, and beauty. Tim's collage style is a turbulent mix of photos, sketches, doodles, hand lettering, graffiti, and paint strokes. What at first looks like chaos and disorder is really thoughtful, eye catching, well crafted design. I'm not sure if he would see himself as a doodler, but I love the way he draws and how those little sketchy doodles and loose hand lettering work so well in his finals.


  1. So good! Thanks for sharing this, Jim.

  2. ahhh i did some research on this guy about five years ago for some work in school. nice to bring back the memories :)

  3. Your welcome. I'm glad you guys like. •__•

  4. I loved what you\'ve done here. Appreciate this post. i\'m interested in your art work.

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