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Pencil Pushers Rule!

by Jim Bradshaw 6

Pencil Pushers Rule! | Doodlers Anonymous

I found Croatian artist, Smiljana Coh while doing one of my favorite online things, link surfing on illustrator's sites I love. I am such a fan of pencil. Personally, I still haven't found a tool that I like to use as much. Smiljana uses her pencils with a wonderful childlike spontaneity that just brings joy to my eyes.


  1. I too love pencils AND these beautiful drawings!

  2. absolutely beautiful! very inspiring!

  3. wonderful work. seeing these really makes me want to pull out my pencils!

  4. so poetic. especially like the black and white!

  5. beautifully simple and simply beautiful. The last one is my favorite (I tend to be partial to black and white). Amazing use of pencils.

  6. Delightful!

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